What is Refocus Retreat?

Refocus started out in 2014. It began as a small grass roots collection of women in photography, who wanted to get away for a weekend together.  It was so successful we have grown each year as a Conference for Women in the Business of Photography.


Although it wasn't really intentional to have a focus on women specifically,  the safe space and healing environment that naturally formed in those first few retreats we realised was a pretty unique little community. Since then the program has flourished in a female focussed environment, growing to 80 attending in 2019. 


My name is Kym Griffiths and I am one of the founders of Refocus Retreat. In 2018, I was given the opportunity to take on the program as Director. 

I made the decision there and then, to do my utmost in supporting talented and profitable business women in the photography ( and creative ) industries, to find their confidence, self worth and the capacity to share.


Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

If I pick the shared accommodation option can I request who I share my room with?

What makes this event different from other conferences?

I have some dietaries /food  allergies is that going to be a problem?

What happens in the group mentoring sessions? 

Do you have Payment Plans?

How do You get there? What are my Travel Options?

  Can I get a Refund on my ticket? 

When can I book my workshops