Alex Cearns

  • Hounds Tooth Studio

    & Black Cat Consulting, Perth. 

    ‘Dogs Today Magazine’ in the United Kingdom proclaimed our photographer Alex Cearns to be “one of the greatest dog photographers in the world”. That she is, and so much more. Of all the ways we humans connect, some of the strongest bonds for many of us are the bonds we create with our animal friends.


    Alex intuitively understands what makes her animal subjects tick. With the magic of her camera, she has the uncanny ability to see into their souls and capture their visual language. By telling her eloquent photographic stories, Alex lovingly shows that the separation between us and our animal friends is very slim. She reminds us to enjoy, rejoice and empathise with every beloved pet and extraordinary sentient being that shares our precious planet.


    What is it about Alex that gives her this unique ability? Perhaps the answer lies in her childhood. Alex grew up in the country surrounded by dogs, orphaned bottle-fed lambs, rescued joeys, rabbits and reptiles. Any creature in need of rehabilitation was welcome in Alex’s world, and offered a safe haven in her family’s kitchen. Animals became her best friends and she developed a magical way to communicate with them, something she carries through today.