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SEPTEMBER 2nd & 3rd Melbourne



Is it time for you to speak powerfully?

Speak Powerfully! is not your average public speaking course.



There are no tired techniques.


You won’t be shoved into a box of how a public speaker “should” present.


I’m not here to fix you (there’s nothing wrong with you).


I am here to help you express more of who you are.


I’m here to help you own the room.


I’m here to help you discover and develop your natural strengths as a speaker.


I’m here to help you speak with wisdom and intelligence, and access unprecedented levels of confidence.


Unblock the areas that are holding your voice back, and be able to step into your own confidence.


Discover and develop your natural strengths as a Speaker and Leader


Make an impact – and a difference – with your talks, learn how to speak from the heart and inspire those around you.


Tricia Karp

Speak Powerfully

Hello, I’m Tricia Karp.

My work is born out of a desire and vision to see every woman own and stand in her power.

I believe that when women speak up and share our ideas, gifts and brilliance, driven by purpose, self-trust and our own inner wisdom, the world will be a better place for all of us.

I’m here to help you speak and lead powerfully.

“After working with Tricia, nothing is holding me back. There are no limits, and I control where I go from here. I’m confident, self-assured, and at ease with who I am.

~ Taryn Brumfitt, Founder Body Image Movement

My clients work with me to speak and lead powerfully as public speakers and in presentations, media interviews, at work in the boardroom, meetings and conversations, and at home. I help them unlock their genuine power and confidence in ways they’ve never experienced.

You can find out more about me and everything I do right here.

Watch our Interview with Tricia to find out more...


You might not know what that is just yet.  

It takes a guided approach and deep digging to discover your message and the presentation you were born to give.


Our work together is designed to move you closer to yourself, the real you that’s innately capable of being a dynamic and brilliant speaker.


It’s a journey to the heart of your purpose and passion, to who you are.  Honouring your gifts, talents and experiences, you’ll discover what is yours to say.


This intensive program will explore your ideas and the stories that only you

can share to support them.

Our time together includes coaching, guidance and support from me all the way.


I combine the latest executive coaching tools with mythology and the art of storytelling.

What you will learn in this program

  • Your Core Message

    Identify and develop your core message. This is the foundation of any presentation you make in the future, and your brand

  • Move Past Fear

    Move past nervousness, fear, stress and anxiety

  • Ditch The Script

    Learn how to be natural on stage and ditch the script (yes really!) by learning an easy way of putting together a presentation that is structured and still allows for spontaneity. You can use this structure every time you need to deliver an engaging presentation

  • Speak With Presence

    Discover the place within that innately knows how to speak with presence, clarity, charisma and ease

  • Understanding your Message

    Understand and honour the gifts you have to share and how they inform your speaking

  • Discover your power

    Discover your power as a speaker and unprecedented levels of confidence that will impact in so many communication situations, not just public speaking

  • Your Strengths

    Discover strengths you didn’t know you had as a speaker

  • Tell Your Story

    Discover and appreciate the stories that will have maximum impact and move your audiences. Learn how to tell stories to captivate your audiences

  • Connect with your audience

    Connect with your audience, and hook them in from your very first word

  • Access Your Power Zone

    Learn how to relax and access your power zone before a talk

“I broke down some barriers, it’s a wonderful feeling”

 “The rewards are there to be grabbed. The most valuable parts of the workshop for me were understanding that powerful speaking comes from the heart, breaking through uncomfortable barriers has rewards, and working with a group of women can be amazing. I broke down some of my barriers so that I could speak more powerfully, and it’s a really wonderful feeling to come out the other side.”

Rebecca Coombs

Marketing Manager and Business Owner

My confidence has greatly improved!”

“Where to start… Tricia is incredible to work with. My expectations were far surpassed and my confidence greatly improved. I now realise that I have a lot to offer as a speaker and team leader. I’ll be able to own and feel proud of my achievements. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the workshop was life-changing.  My confidence in my ability to sell myself to new clients has greatly increased.  It was an incredible three days, and I loved the connection with the other amazing women who participated in the workshop.”

Dorothy Di Stefano 

Account Director

“I wish I’d done this sooner!”

“I did this workshop to learn how to plan and deliver my signature talk in a meaningful way for prospective clients and key stakeholders. Working with Tricia was intimate, emotional, uplifting and inspiring! I truly understand now what my “value proposition” actually is. When I speak now it’s from my heart and with confidence that my message is unique and resonates with the people I want to work with and the clients I want to attract. I wish I’d done this sooner!

Helen Janetzki 



Speak Powerfully! is a 2 day workshop in Melbourne, Victoria happening from

September 2nd  -  September 3rd, 2019.


9am - 5.30 pm Monday 2nd  September 

Full day working on working getting past your fears and blocks, and finding your voice, connection & passion.


9am - 2.30pm Tuesday 3rd September

 Test your skills, Find the power in your voice, your story -  and push your boundaries!



Optional Dinner  Sunday 1st September

If you decide to arrive early, feel free to join Tricia & Kym for a casual dinner and get to know each other before the program begins.


There are limited spaces available. We keep the group small to ensure lots of personal attention so that you get the best results.


You’ll receive full tuition, worksheets, Morning & Afternoon Tea, & Lunch.


Once you are registered, you’ll be sent a questionnaire, preparation and venue details. If you’re coming from interstate, or want to stay in town for the duration.


These are the 2 payment options to secure your place now:


Deposit + Payment on arrival

$550 inc GST Deposit, $880 inc GST on arrival


  • Includes GST

  • Deposit Non - Refundable

  • Deposit Payment Now via Stripe.

    Final Payment via Square, Credit Card or Cash on arrival

    ( fees may apply)

 Upfront Payment


  • Includes GST

  • 50% refundable up to 30 day prior

  • Payment Now via Stripe ( fees may apply)

Why does Refocus Retreat run this Program

Refocus started out in 2014, as a Conference for Women in the Business of Photography

( Refocus Retreat ), and as part of our Charter, we are committed to helping talented and creative women find their voice, and step into the limelight to speak.


My name is Kym Griffiths and I am one of the founders of Refocus Retreat, however in 2018, I was given the opportunity to take on the program as Director. 

I made the decision there and then, to do my utmost in supporting talented and profitable business women in the photography ( and creative ) industries, to find their confidence, self worth and the capacity to share 


We believe in backing our process, and for the first time will be not only providing an incredible program for women,  supporting upcoming photographers and creatives to speak, but we will also endeavour each year to give the opportunity for one of the Speak Powerfully attendees to speak at Refocus Retreat 2020!


Looking forward to seeing you at Refocus Retreat's first public speaking event!

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